February Goals





February is the new January to me this year.  2018 began a bit bleh, things weren’t going to plan & to be fair I did dwell a bit in self pity.  It’s allowed but only for a wee while.

Anyway I thought I would share a few of my monthly goals.  February is shaping up to be busy, I’m heading to London this Saturday on a buying trip for the Autumn Winter 2018 collection for Tallulah Belle Fashion.  I don’t think I will ever get used to the buying 2 seasons in front but that is the fast pace industry. The following weekend I’m off to see my favorite band “The Script” their playing the Hydro in Glasgow and I can’t wait for that. The weekend after that I want to go away with Alex and the dogs and that will be be the end of February!  Just like that!

1. Decorate the spare room

Oh my lord, this room has dragged out long enough, I stripped the wallpaper back in November.  We’re doing it on our own, never wall papered before but you’ve got to learn sometime and believe me if I’m good at it  I will be on a interior design mission.

2. You Tube

I’m joining Youtube (inserts petrified emoji) I will be vlogging my London trip, I’m teaching myself how to edit so I’m hoping it will be up for the end of February and the content to follow will be vlogs & fashion hauls, the reason for the spare room to be decorated as a wee filming space. I have the lights, ring light and my macbook the only thing that’s missing is the confidence but I’m hoping that will get better through time.

3. Find a photographer

I’m on the search for a local photographer to help me with content for my blog and you tube channel.  I also want to get better at editing myself so my nights will be spent practicing with photoshop.

This month is going to fly past I just know it.  February is a fresh start, what you up to this month?




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