Winter Wonderland

There’s something magical when you pull back the curtains and outside is a blanket of snow, the child in you gets butterflies, the adult in you gets the fear of having to make that commute to work.

I have every Wednesday morning off my full time job to work on my blog and also Tallulah.  Alex was sent home from his job this morning so we decided to down tools and get outside with the dogs.

The snow was blinding, the wind chill was biting but we picked up the pace and soon had a Winter glow on our cheeks.  Reaching the park, the kids sent home from school were sledging on the hill, squeals of delight as they went racing down the slopes, puffing and panting pulling the sledge back up the hill to have another shot.  Meeting other dog walkers all wrapped up, the dogs greeting one another, running around crazy in the snow!  People do have a spring in their step when we get a big freeze and its all we talk about, it’s headlines on the news, social media, the post office queue!

We headed off in the other direction and soon there was silence, nothing but beautiful scenery so we stopped for a few photographs.


Autumn & Winter are my favourite months, I love the colours, Winter candles, the fashion, wrapping up for the weather, Spring is just round the corner so I’m enjoying what’s left of Winter.

Stay safe and wrap up well.

Marlene x


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  1. Gillian
    March 3, 2018 / 10:00 pm

    Love it ❄️☃️xx

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