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Things are certainly hotting up and with temperatures reaching the high 20’s it’s not something we’re used to in the West Coast of Scotland.  A day here and there but we’ve been really lucky this year & it’s stretching out to last weeks.  It really is fabulous, I’m doing a lot more, I couldn’t tell you the last time we sat and watched TV.  Nights are spent in the garden or at my parents farm for barbecues with my brother & sisters & there kids.

I have a few Summer day dresses hanging in my wardrobe and the rest are usually packed away in my holiday case but with this barmey weather I’ve been reaching for my macbook to see whats available online.

I’ve found a new love for Mango and for the first in a long time, I find myself heading there before Zara. There’s a few from H & M, Topshop & Warehouse too.

  1. Topshop Linen Dress £32
  2. Topshop Maxi Dress £150.00
  3. Topshop Horn Button Mini Dress £34

4. H & M Embroider Dress £69.99

5. H & M Spotted maxi Dress £39.99

6. Mango Contrast Seem Dress £17.99

7. Mango Bow Wrap Dress £29.99

8. Mango Cold Shoulder Linen Dress £22.99

Mango are also adding an extra 15% off if you buy 2 sale items or an extra 20% off if you buy 3 items with code EXTRA

I couldn’t end the post without adding a few of my favs from my own business, could I !!

1 Tallulah Belle Fashion Safari Print Dress £38

2 Tallulah Belle Fashion Match Maker £28

3 Tallulah Belle Fashion White High Neck Sleeveless £14 SALE!

I hope you’ve seen a few you like, enjoy this wonderful sunshine and we’ll chat soon.


Marlene x


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