My birthday & a new business venture

I woke up on my 40th Birthday in the most magical cottage on the Isle of Skye.  Alex was already up & cooking one of his specialty fry ups.  Laying in bed I thought to myself this is it, your 40 years old already what you going to do about it?  That morning I made a decision something big was going to happen within that year something life changing whether it be move house, buy another car, a new job I wasn’t sure but I knew I was going to do something!

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Last week we signed the lease and picked up the keys to a shop, 6 days before I turned 41 but hey ho I was 40 at the time!  It was all complete in the space of a week.  We had no intention of setting up a bricks & mortar store, not really on the radar just now, always just a dream I had for the future.

Sometimes the universe just lines it all up & gives you that wee nudge and you have to jump and the chance.


I walked passed the shop a few weeks back & thought that would be ideal ……. don’t be daft!  The following week it was still available so I phone “just to inquire’ & that was it, the seed was planted! Alex did help me make the final decision as it effects us both,  I’m not afraid to admit  – I did need a wee push, these things happen to other people, people with confidence, I can talk a good story but actually doing something about it – well the we devil on my shoulder says, I don’t have the balls for this !! (sorry, can’t think of another word to describe it)  I now wake up in the morning & my eyes spring open when I remember – OMG I have my own shop!!! It gives me good butterflies in my stomach and a great reason to jump out of bed in the morning but It still gives me the fear when I let it & I think it will for a long time but that’s what keeps me going.  I take my hat off to anyone self employed, it’s terrifying & to those who run huge companies with staff etc I salute you!

In our first week we have cleaned, plastered (well Alex has) and painted the shop, I’ve order the mannequins & rail fittings, extra coat hangers and carrier bags (paper! No plastic if I can help it!)
Still lots to do but I’m loving it so far.   I’ve had kind messages from the shop owners round about which was lovely.  I don’t live in the town where the shop is so it was nice to receive a warm welcoming.

I would like the shop to be pretty enough for people to enjoy but not to fancy as to scare customers away – scared to touch anything or bring kids in. I want everyone to feel welcome.
Timing- It goes for nothing, it’s never the “perfect” time.  It’s one of the busiest months in my full time job with events, Alex is on the road to becoming full time self employed with his own company Xcav8 Landscaping & Groundwork’s.  He’s working 7 days a week just now plus trying to decorate the shop, my timing wasn’t great but if we get through this then we’ll be just grand!

To celebrate my birthday today we are going for a late lunch and then to Edinburgh to watch the Military Tattoo and I can’t wait it’s been on my list for years.  Hopefully we won’t talk shop or diggers to much today but when it’s the main part of your life, it’s hard to switch it off.

I hope to write more on this, real life highs and lows of shop life, something to look back on –  so let this Fashion Journey commence……..

Marlene X


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