6 Months in Business

Well technically 7 months since I opened the doors but I’ve been planning this post in my head from over a month!

Opening the door that morning to the freshly painted walls, fully stocked boutique with items all hand picked my myself was surreal – it truly has been my proudest accomplishment to date!  The months have flown past, I’ve learnt a lot and I still have lots to learn but I thought I’d share my tuppence worth!.


I’m in my office job 2.5 days a week & I book-keep for another small business weekly so routine is key for me to achieve what I have set out to do.  This is something I’m still trying to master.  I want to build a new website & would like to have a blog post going out every week.  My advice is find what works for you & stick to that routine.  Night time is out for me, once I’m home and we’ve had dinner my brain doesn’t seem to function the way I want it too.  So my evenings are mostly spent with Alex and the dogs or catching up on the house chores & social media.  I’m most productive first thing in the morning.  I can wake up at 5am and be on my laptop with a huge mug of tea by 5.15am tapping away on the keys or straight into the accounts.  I’ve also started to exercise in the morning too.  I find it helps me sleep better.


If like me you’re a one man band, it can get very lonely.  I would like to expand and employ someone maybe next year but for now it’s just me.  Getting out and meeting  other people either in your industry or trying to build their own brand can be so motivating.  It gives me the energy and encouragement to keep going.  I joined the Ayrshire Business Woman and Glasglow Girls Club & I try to get to as many events as possible.


Say Yes to as much as you can.

I see a lot of influencers I follow advising to take down time and say no to more things, put away your phone at nights etc.  I advise the opposite, that’s fine once you’ve built the brand but when your starting out say yes to it all, getting a brand “out there” is a lot harder than what it was a few years back.  People are less likely to follow on social media these days.  So if you get the offer to showcase your brand in any way, go for it!  I done an interview and photoshoot with a local magazine recently.  I was dreading it, totally out of my comfort zone, I’m usually a behind the camera kinda gal but it is publicity for My Serenity Boutique and also for my blog.  The girls were amazing and Im arranging to do some work with the photographer for the blog.  So win win.

Nobody is you and that’s your power

I see this quote a lot and it’s true.  I follow other boutiques on social media, I have done long before I had the shop.  I admire the hard work they’ve done, hit the like button and scroll past. Don’t follow or copy what others are doing.  It’s hard not too but what works for them probably won’t work for you.  Get to know your own customers or audience and I can rest assure you will succeed in your own way.



I’ve wanted a boutique and to work for myself for so long, I thought it would always be a dream, I’ve been the happiest girl in Ayrshire these past 7 months and I’m so grateful.  Thank you to all those who have followed my journey so far, this is just the start………..

Thanks to Foster Photography for the photographs x


Marlene x



  1. Gillian
    May 8, 2019 / 6:04 pm

    Your boutique is wonderful & everything in it is lovely, from the clothes down to the decor. You should be very proud for what you’ve achieved so far & will grow from strength to strength in the future x

  2. Joan
    May 8, 2019 / 8:33 pm

    You’re an impressive young woman with such a can-do attitude that I’ve every confidence that you will continue to do well. The shop is lovely, the stock transcends the age & style groups of your growing customer base and coupled with your own personal style makes your brand different and unique. Sure fire keys to even more success I’m sure.

    • May 9, 2019 / 3:02 pm

      Thanks Joan for such a lovely comment. It means a lot x

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