Day 1

On Saturday 21st March 2020 at 5pm I closed the doors of the shop not knowing when one of my lovely customers would walk through it again.  I had planned to reduce the days I was working but on Monday morning after not sleeping the past 3 nights, Alex & I had a chat at 6am & we decided to close the shop.  The First Minister took that decision out all of our hands the next day & closed all non essential shops in Scotland and (politics aside) I was grateful for that.

IMG-5693 (1)
The sky that morning walking the dogs

We are lockdown for a minimum of 3 weeks – here, my little space of the internet, I’m going to document my day (s).  Its going to be a mixture of life just now, outfit posts, how Im keeping my business afloat and how I pass the day.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

I was in the shop for 7.30am armed with boxes and suitcases, packing up what I could to do some style photo’s and videos at home.  I packed all my cleaning products and toilet rolls, when this becomes history in years to come, my vision of a history teacher explaining to the wee kiddies of the 2020 pandemic and having to explain the loo roll panic buy makes me cringe.  Is this what we’ve become??!

packing what I can, hoping to keep the business going from home.

Alex phoned to say he was being sent home from the site, relief to have him home safe and also a bit of panic, we’re both self employed and like the rest of the nation have bills to pay.  The government is going to help with grants etc so money-wise we just need to sit tight and this time will pass.  Right now all everyone cares about is the health of friends, neighbours and our loved ones.

I locked up the shop and quietly told it we will come back better than ever and I believe as a nation we will.   Im a positive person and grateful for a lot but the gratitude I have for people on the front line, the key workers putting themselves at risk everyday.  We will never be able to thank these people enough.  Yes its there job, “they chose that career” {that comment stuck in my throat last week!} but I don’t ever imagine they signed up for this & they must be terrified dealing with a deadly virus every day.

I nipped next door to the bakers for rolls and cakes to take to mums farm, they woke to the surprise of spring lambs so the scramble was on for them to arrange pens, bottles for feeding, bedding etc.  In amongst that, the company my step dad was contracted to was closing due to the government announcement was phoning to ask all plant and tools to be removed off site whilst he was delivering lambs.  It was all systems go !!


I eventually got home, unpacked the car,  took the dogs round the field,  Alex came around an hour later.

That was it, we’re officially in lockdown.

Take care, stay indoors.

Chat soon.

Marlene x




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