Wednesday Style Diaries

Lounge wear  – I’m obsessed, I can’t keep my clothes on! Literally as soon as I’m through the door, its strip off and into something comfortable.  I cant sit around the house in jeans those who do I salute you.

Now I confess I used to change into my pyjamas but I found it made me lazy.  I would have dinner then lounge on the sofa in front of the TV all night. (I do love nice pyjamas, I will save that for another post.)  I invested in some nice comfortable lounge wear so that I’m comfortable but also feel nice. I can’t do hoodies, they remind me of being a teenager

I order these from here in mint, who knows how long they will stay clean with the dogs jumping up but I fancied some Spring colours.

Zara are killing it with stylish joggers, I’m on the wait list for this pair– seriously how nice is this outfit! Yes it’s quite Winter (y) but I love it and you could switch it up with some nice trainers and a T Shirt or this light grey knit  – which I’ve ordered and in mint too!5536100802_1_1_1

Instead of a hoodie, it’s it’s a bit chilly,  wear a shirt usually a fitted denim shirt left open over a vest.


Zara  £12.99


Chat soon

Marlene x



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