May 2020

Pinch Punch it’s the 1st of the month!

May already, can you believe it. My dress is last season H and M. My trainers are Dune and on sale here 

(I wasn’t going to post this photo because I look shattered.  I am worrying like everyone else, its just showing on my face!!)



How are you doing? Really?  April was a bit of a roller-coaster for me not going to lie.  The first week or so I was super productive, working, regular social media posts, exercise, stripped the bedroom wall paper then BOOM I Crashed.   I was crying a lot, my motivation went straight out the window and my sleeping pattern went to pot.  It was a low 2 weeks I’m not going to lie.  Everyone is coping different but most of our worries are the same.  Concerned about older family, missing my family & my best friend, money, work  & don’t get me started on how we are going to return to our new normality BUT as cheesy & repetitive as it sounds, we really are all in this together.  Things have massively changed but I always ( well apart from those 2 weeks) look for the good in amongst the bad.  I loved seeing photographs of the canals in Venice being crystal clear, the Himalayan mountains are in sight due to the drop in pollution. We live on the flight path and its so quiet. The sea and the rivers all around the world are thriving, the wildlife have got their life back.  The world does not revolve round us.  Mother nature was here long before us & I hope when routine starts again for us we remember that. I’m not turning all Greta Thunberg or joining Greenpeace but I do love nature & as the world slowly heels, it’s showing how much we destroy it.

Right I’m off to put my David Attenborough cap back in the wardrobe.

Chat soon

Marlene x

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