Face Masks SS20

Never ever did I think face masks would be an necessity accessory for Spring Summer 2020 when I was buying stock for the boutique last Summer.

But it is and although theres a debate on whether or not you should be wearing one I for sure will be wearing a mask when I’m back at work.  I feel its an added precaution for my customers and also for myself.

Over the weekend I searched online for some non surgical masks that suit my style.  From beautiful Liberty prints to animal prints there’s plenty to choose from. A lot of the companies were giving back too, you could choose to purchase masks to be sent on to frontline workers, make a donation, a few of the companies I bought from, a donation was made to the NHS. If I’m going to be wearing a mask 6 days a week, I will need a few.  The ones I have chosen below are either cotton, linen or silk and are all hand wash only.

The 1st one I purchased was from a company called Wolford, they are now stocked in Pampas Glasgow, they can be found on Instagram at pampasglasgow. This was the most expensive one at £30.  96233_8222

I found this one on Instagram, it was a sponsored Ad, the company is called Style Cheat  They were sold out of most styles but there was an option to add your email address to be notified when new stock came in.  I ordered the top cheetah print at £9.99IMG_3128_1800x1800

CottonpolisTrading on Etsy £7


OlioOfOxney on Etsy £6.95

Mizgeorge on Etsy £13 – The one has an adjustable toggle on the back


And finally another Esty seller EvieLaLuveLungerie £8.50


I’m glad that companies have evolved to start making prettier masks, not just for vanity , wearing a face mask can be daunting. As I said at the beginning, this is just an added precaution I will still be washing and sanitising my hands as well as social distancing.  I will be wearing a mask when helping customers in the boutique, when I’m out shopping and if I need to go on public transport.

Are you / will you be wearing a mask?

Chat soon & take care

Marlene x

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