Tips for Switching up your Autumn Wardrobe

Goodbye strappy dresses and pretty sandals, I’ll see you again around May 2021.  October is here and although its still relatively mild, I’m ready for the Autumn colour palate, ankle boots, chunky jumpers and scarves.

Last weekend I spent a few hours packing away my Summer wardrobe. I was really ruthless with what I kept.  Most items from the shop went to charity as next year I will be wearing new season clothing.  Items that were really worn went to the recycle bins and the really tacky items went to Alex for old rags. 🙂   What I did keep were the dresses I’ve had for years and to be honest, I never wore half of them this year ….we had nowhere to go!!

I bough these bags last year.  Game changer.  I store my clothes that aren’t in season in the loft and they keep them clean and fresh.  I put a few tumble dryer sheets in the bags to keep them smelling fresh.


One in one out rule – I (used to be) a hoarder, I keep things with memories, the jeans I wore on my first date with Alex in 2003 (seriously 3 sizes to small) my favourite dress from 2008!, the list & excuses are endless.  Well no more, I’ve had another clear out and I’m now adopting the one in one our rule.  Except shoes and boots – one step at a time.  But with items of clothing definitely, especially now owning the boutique I luckily have clothes on tap so I need to be more choosy & be willing to giveaway or sell in its place.

Top tips

This a great time to see whats missing from your wardrobe.  By now you should have decided what your keeping & what your donating.  Now its the fun part.  Take a few hours to mix and match outfits with coats, boots and jewellery.  This is the time to see if something is missing – maybe a pair of over the knee boots or a new teddy coat. Or just maybe you have nailed this season and can spend or save your money for something else

Keeping your wardrobe clean and tidy makes planning your outfits much more easier.  Opening up your wardrobe and seeing everything you own will give you inspiration for creating that fab look!


Happy new Season

Marlene x

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