Here’s to 2021, see ya 2020!

Today I took time to reflect and look back on the past 12 months. What a year it been, I’m glad to turn my back on 2020 but I know in many years to come we will always remember this year. Going through my phone I thought I would share some of my memories.

We kicked off 2020 with a early morning walk along the bonny banks of Loch Lomond followed by coffee and cake at one of my favourite places The Oak Tree.

Shortly followed by mine and mums trip to London. I love this photo of Mum at the lights. I’ve missed London this year, all the buying trips for the boutique were done online too.

By March the country was heading into full lockdown, the future was uncertain, it still is but back then we were heading into the unknown. The panic buying of toilet roll and pasta was bonkers! I took this photo on the morning walking the dogs. I was going in to the shop to close it down for what I thought was a few weeks, it turned into months. In Fact it closed on the 24th March and opened back up on the 29th June. Just in time for the end of Summer sale ready for the arrival of the Autumn Winter collection. Im grateful the shop is still open, Im ticking by and I think 2021 will be similar, it will be a struggle and Im prepared for that.

During lockdown we walked, talked, stripped wallpaper, baked, I found gin! I also unfortunately boxed dyed my roots, it didn’t turn out too good! My mums sheep had lots of baby lambs to keep them busy. The weather was glorious so there was lots of time spent in the garden.

The rules relaxed a bit and during lockdown my mum turned 60, my sister graduated from university and my niece left primary school. To celebrate we booked a log cabin at Strathyre Lodges for a girlie weekend which was great. Alex and I managed to get a few weekends up north in the van, again the weather for Scotland was great.

I’m looking forward to 2021, the vaccine is brilliant news and I have a feeling this time next year we will all be celebrating but for now take care and a Happy New Year to you!.

Marlene x

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