Getting Ready For Spring

We wouldn’t be Scottish if we didn’t talk about the weather. I think as a country we are lucky to experience all seasons. Yes we have the rain and the gales but look at the Spring Summer we had last year, it was amazing!

I love all 4 seasons but if I had to pick one – Autumn will always be my favourite. As we approach the end of Winter with Springtime in sight I’m starting to make changes around my home and my wardrobe.

This week I switched over my storage suitcase and packed away all my Winter festive wear, I’ve kept some heavy jumpers and dresses out & I’ve still to switch my heavy coats and bring out my blazers but I don’t want to jump the gun just yet, it’s still February after all and today as I write this the rain is belting off the window!

I did bring out my Spring Summer dresses to hang in my other room – just to air them and let the creases drop and also a little bit of hope that we get some good weather the end of March beginning of April, it’s happened before and I don’t want to get caught out having nothing to wear !!

I’ve been browsing Pinterest looking for ideas to style our flat for Spring, Winter I’m a dab hand, our style is quiet country with dark wood and fabrics so winter sits well in our wee home. We are in the slow process of decorating too in fact every room needs re-done but we’re not to great at DIY. The house always came last as our days off we packed up and went away in the van. But I’m unsure of this Summers travel plans I’m sure we will have travel restrictions through out Scotland we might get a weekend here and there so my main focus is to get the house and our garden done. Alex needs a new garage and man cave and I would like new table and chairs to have dinner & drinks al fresco. He gave up a chunk of his garden to make me a kitchen garden so the planting starts for me next month. I’m really looking forward to giving it a bash!

Pinterest Find
Pinterest find
Really like this set from Next

Spring season 21 has finally arrived in the boutique too, Brexit is slowing down deliveries But I’m sure by the time we open deliveries will be back to running smoothly. I spent a good few hours in the shop yesterday packing away some Winter and steaming the new stock. It’s nice to see pastel coloured knits and some floral dresses hanging on the rails. It felt really good to be working again. I’ve reintroduced Click & Collect 3 days a week so no more binge watching box sets in my pyjamas for weeks on end!

Beautiful collar detail
New Spring Arrivals at My Serenity Boutique

I’m finishing off this post drinking tea in bed on a Sunday morning! Bliss I’m unsure of today’s plans, I have my vaccination this morning (so grateful) and I think Alex wants to do a bit of sea fishing. So I think it will be a chilled one for me with my book & I’ve got a Sunday roast to prepare for dinner tonight.

Have a great day whatever your up too.

Take care & chat soon

Marlene x


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