Resetting for New Season & A Catch Up

How lucky are we that we get to experience 4 seasons. 4 times a year to make changes. I love it.

I’ve said before I do prefer the cooler months to the Summer, my pale skin tone doesn’t see aye to aye with the sun and boy did we have some glorious beautiful sunny days this year.

I have a good feeling about the remaining quarter of 2021. I’m not worrying the same about another lockdown, I can’t see this happening again. I’m hoping that the clever scientists are busy working away to find something that will zap covid for good. Like those tablets that were announced the other day. That was good news!

That said, I’m still not mixing well and the thought of concerts or a theatre trip gives me chills. We were supposed to go and see Riverdance a few weeks back but I couldn’t. My sister and I always go and see The Script & Coldplay (my favourite band) but we’re not buying tickets for next year. Maybe if it was outside but I don’t fancy The Hydro with thousands of people just yet.

No pantomime tickets are booked or Love Actually with live Orchestra – my festive favs!!

But it’s not all doom & gloom, I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year, it’s back to basics with traditions. I enjoy baking and love all the decorating in fact I’ve gone a bit American this year and bought prelim garlands for round our doors like the Christmas movies I love that look with garlands and lights all over.

The shop decorations go up next week ready for the light switch on. That’s always a good night and it’s my queue to start playing the Christmas playlist.

Mum and I went to our local florist to make our Autumn door wreaths which was lovely, you can watch my reel on Instagram here and we are booked in to make our Christmas wreaths. It’s a lovely thing to do with your mum or a group of friends.

Dalgarven Mill
Mum with her beautiful wreath

I went pumpkin picking too which was good fun. We made a day of it by stopping in at The Oak Tree, Balmaha Loch Lomond for lunch before hand. I recommend Arnprior Fsrm, it really well organised. Plenty for kids to do ~ big kids too! I’ll be trying for tickets again next year.

Arnprior Farm

I’ve been back shooting outfits with Francesca which was good. The last time was 2 years ago! So I’ve got images for my own Instagram account, the shop and my blog too. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of blogging again. I enjoy reading other people too. So if your a blogger leave yours in the comments so I can have a read.

So that’s it really I’ve been living quietly these past few months. I’ve not been on any Highland road trips either. It’s been all work work work!!

Over the next few weeks I have some fashion and beauty posts as well as Black Friday codes then moving onto Christmas.

Next post will be Wednesday

Chat soon

Marlene x

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