Sweet September

Here’s to September, Sophie & I are decorating the shop this Saturday. We are going out All Autumnal and I’m so ready for the change

I’m going to get my nails done tonight. The first time since 2019. Now that I’m doing a bit more filming for the shop, I’m feeling a wee bit self conscious about my hands so I’m off for a full manicure and a gel polish. Something burgundy or light brown I’m thinking.

I opened my eyes this morning and thanked the Lord it was September. My birthday is in August but I’m glad to see the back of it! Boy it’s an expensive month. A car & van both needing MOTs, 6 tyres bought, a repair to the van, business liability insurance renewal, van instance renewal, my car insurance renewal, new lights for the shop. I’m seriously thinking of opening an August savings account. I’m glad to be moving into September ~ skint but content it’s all done!

I started my “weight loss journey” in August too. I’ve lost 2lbs which isn’t that much but it’s better than a 2lb gain. My Winter coats won’t close <very very sad face> AND that was kick start for me. Not one to be blowing my own trumpet but I’ve got a beautiful collection of Winter coats that I’m very proud off and love them dearly and the thought of not wearing them this year made me swap my naughty nightly tea & chocolate digestives for water and a few crackers…….. I’m logging my food diary and weigh in days over on TikTok. It’s the place to be. I’m hanging out with all the cool kids over there & I’m happy to say I’m 100 followers from the big 10K, who’d have thought it.

I know Autumn isn’t official here until the 23rd but here’s to a wonderful new season full of fresh starts, cosy evenings and gorgeous styling!

Chat soon

Marlene x

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