Oh October ….

Blink and September was gone. I had a few plans for September but a dear member of my family was taken ill so all plans went on the back burner!

Thankfully he is now on the road to recovery and we can relax a little.

So onto October. On the 9th it my shops 4th birthday. I can’t believe it. 4 years ……..I feel like I’ve taken it as far as I can as it is and now I need to make some brave changes for it to grow but more on that later.

We have pumpkin picking planned again at Arnproir Farm which is a great day out for all ages. Hopefully a few of our family are coming along with us this year to make it a wee bit more special.

Last year at the pumpkin patch

I’m hoping for a night away in the van before it gets too cold. If I can squeeze 2 nights I fancy heading up Aviemore way. Apart from that it’s head down, work hard and get ready for the busy season I hope!

I’d love to visit the green loch

I also made MY FIRST EVER YouTube video. It’s only been on my list since 2016. I’d love if you could watch and if you enjoy YouTube subscribe;) that would be grand!!

I hope this month is good to you all.

Chat soon

Marlene x

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