From as long as I can remember I have loved an advent calendar, right back the 80’s when my sister and I would share one between us. Each morning we would be so excited to see what the “picture” was behind to the door numbers, no chocolate ones back in those days never mind a travel size beauty product, it was traditional pictures of a star or the manger and I loved it. I remember making them at school too, cutting out 24 photos and sticking the door numbers on top, it never opened properly but the fun was in the making.

Chocolate for breakfast? What’s your favourite? I love the basic £2 Dairy Milk, a few years back I bought the After 8 Big Ben Calendar, it was so nice but this year its £30 and I’ve bought myself a beauty one too this year. Back to the chocolate ones, I love the noise when you shake them and the smell of the chocolate, it tastes much better from an advent calendar although don’t get me started on the photos behind the chocolates, what is that all about ………

I love the beauty advents who ever thought up that idea was a genius, I’m a fan of the Boots one but this year I treated myself te to Look Fantastic Avent. I buy one for my customers too, they get a raffle ticket with eery purchase in November and on the last Saturday before advent we draw the raffle. This years calander is Arran Aromatics

Here are some of my top picks

Fragrance Advent Calendars

A great way to try different candles or perfumes

Moving onto beauty and I could chat all day about skincare but I’m going to share some of my favourite brands as well as some of my favourite make up brands. I treated myself to the Look Fantastic Calendar

Looking for Christmas present idea’s instead, look out for my gift guides coming soon

Marlene x

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