A gentle reminder

A few years back I had a wonderful business coach and one day she took me through a meditation type of exercise.

I had to close my eyes and imagine being old sitting on a porch on a rocking chair thinking back on my life ~ what regrets would I have, what chances did I ignore …….

It serves me well so I’m sharing it with you in the chance that maybe your having to make a big decision or at a crossroads in your life.

Another I use in business when I’m stuck and I share with every business owner I can. Imagine your business was failing (scares me to death) and on the last day you were turning the key to lock up your premises what do you wish you had done to chance things, what didn’t you try? What regrets do you have? Write them down straight away and get working on them. Works a treat every time!!!!

This was the image I saw this morning that got me thinking!

I’ll be back with fashion posts soon. Take care

Marlene x

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