What to wear when it’s pouring in Summer

The seasons are changing and I don’t like it one bit! I love that we are lucky enough to have 4 seasons in a year. I love that we get to change up our home accessories, our wardrobe, even how we eat! It just seems our summers are becoming warmer but wetter and Winter is becoming much the same.

This Summer, well we had those fab few weeks but it seems to have rained ever since. I’ve got one section of my fence painted and I’m still waiting on a dry spell to finish it off!

Today it’s chucking it down in the West coast of Scotland with highs of 17! Typical school holiday weather. So what do we wear – let me pull some outfits for you.

Jacket Top Bag Trainers Cargos wellington Boots

Raincoat Bag jumper joggers trainers

I may have just purchased the Steve Madden trainers & the rose gold v neck…. This blogging malarkey is expensive!

Til next time. Marlene. X

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