Kick of those heels girls and pack them away,  trainers have taken over.

I, for one am delighted.  As much as I love my heels – more so kitten rather than stiletto’s now, trotting around in trainers whilst looking put together is just genius!  A true fashion staple, the humble trainer is now styled with blazers (my fav) Maxi / Midi dresses & skirts, suits and even bridal.

With the change of season upon us I thought I would give you some inspirational ideas for your next shopping splurge.

Long coats or chunky cardigans, with gloves hats or scarves is a effortless put together style.  Complete the look with shoulder bag for a relaxed day out or travel outfit.

Whether its dress down Friday or a coffee with friends pleated or floaty midi/maxi. skirts and dresses are key.  This combo looks very fashion forward and the addition of a biker jacket adds real statement points.

Trainers don’t have to be white or even a brand name, there is so many to choose from to suit everyones budget, from high end Alexander McQueens to High Street Fashion Brands.

  1. Masai £21.75  2. Leesa £40 3. Judd £69 4.White Star £33 4. Coco £40 5. Pink Baseball 28

I hope this post provides you with a couple of idea’s to style up your trainers differently!

Chat soon

Marlene x


It’s not another Banana Bread. I love banana bread but my goodness it’s been the lockdown bake trend. I’ve saw it on nearly every instastory I’ve followed. Now I hear your moans, I imagine your eye rolls but hear me out. This recipe is not only delicious but it’s healthy too. Have as many slice as you with without the guilt!


1 generous handful of blueberries & 1 generous handful of raspberries

75g spelt flour

75g coconut flour

2tsp baking powder

3tsp mixed spice

Pinch of sea salt

150g coconut sugar

100g coconut oil

2 beaten eggs

3tbsp oat milk

Preheat the oven to gas mark 4 and line a loaf tin

Mix the oil and sugar until it becomes creamy

Add the beaten eggs a little at a time

In a separate bowl mix dry ingredients together- flour, salt, spice and baking soda

Add the berries to the wet mix and then gradually add the dry mix.

Pop it in a loaf tin and into the oven for 50 mins

Healthy and delicious 💕 Serve with some cream or yoghurt.

Chat soon

Marlene x

Never ever did I think face masks would be an necessity accessory for Spring Summer 2020 when I was buying stock for the boutique last Summer.

But it is and although theres a debate on whether or not you should be wearing one I for sure will be wearing a mask when I’m back at work.  I feel its an added precaution for my customers and also for myself.

Over the weekend I searched online for some non surgical masks that suit my style.  From beautiful Liberty prints to animal prints there’s plenty to choose from. A lot of the companies were giving back too, you could choose to purchase masks to be sent on to frontline workers, make a donation, a few of the companies I bought from, a donation was made to the NHS. If I’m going to be wearing a mask 6 days a week, I will need a few.  The ones I have chosen below are either cotton, linen or silk and are all hand wash only.

The 1st one I purchased was from a company called Wolford, they are now stocked in Pampas Glasgow, they can be found on Instagram at pampasglasgow. This was the most expensive one at £30.  96233_8222

I found this one on Instagram, it was a sponsored Ad, the company is called Style Cheat  They were sold out of most styles but there was an option to add your email address to be notified when new stock came in.  I ordered the top cheetah print at £9.99IMG_3128_1800x1800

CottonpolisTrading on Etsy £7


OlioOfOxney on Etsy £6.95

Mizgeorge on Etsy £13 – The one has an adjustable toggle on the back


And finally another Esty seller EvieLaLuveLungerie £8.50


I’m glad that companies have evolved to start making prettier masks, not just for vanity , wearing a face mask can be daunting. As I said at the beginning, this is just an added precaution I will still be washing and sanitising my hands as well as social distancing.  I will be wearing a mask when helping customers in the boutique, when I’m out shopping and if I need to go on public transport.

Are you / will you be wearing a mask?

Chat soon & take care

Marlene x

This morning I woke up to the sunshine, made a cup of tea and opened my phone “The Monday Blues”.  Now; virus aside this is common meme on a Monday morning and although I love a good meme, it’s not what I want to see at the start of a new week. I enjoy a Monday.  Its a chance to make a few changes.  Set yourself new tasks.

I suffered the dreaded blues too until I decided to make some changes.  I began researching websites to build my motivation for every day life.  It didn’t happen over night but I admit my positive pants are on almost every day.  I understand most of us are struggling during this time.  I’ve had my wobble and I’m sure there will be a lot more, god I had one the other day trying to source a sneeze screen for the front of my shop counter preparing for when we get the go ahead to return to work.


unnamed (4)

Make lists for everything, that way you’ll never forget any tasks .Starting with the week then break it down to days.  If I’m out and about when I remember to do something I add it to my notes in my phone before transferring it to my notebook when I get home.  I find it satisfying ticking of my list of things to do and when I look back on the week its good to see what’s been achieved.  I know it sounds a bit Monica Geller but it works.  Trust me!



Just like listing – plan your day, plan your work, plan your lifestyle, a fitness plan, plan your goals, 1 year goal plan and a 5 year goal plan.  Set goals that scare you to death.  The old say, if your goals don’t scare you they aint big enough.  I love planning my week and breaking down the days.  Now I’m not saying I work non stop every day.  I have my nights off, a Sunday off if thats the way I feel.  Chill time is also part of the plan.



One of my favourites and will be for every fashion blogger / boutique owner.  I love to plan my outfits.  Have a rough idea of outfits for the next 7 days.  This is a game changer.  Take 20 mins just one night per week and have a look whats in your wardrobe and plan a few outfits that you can mix and match along with jewellery shoes and handbags.  This will stop you reaching for the same items every time and you will be wearing your wardrobe instead of finding that fab top you’ve never worn at the bottom of your drawer when your having a clear out.  A well executed outfit always has me jumping out of bed in the morning ready to head to the shop.


I’m a grandma when it comes to my sleep pattern.  I’m usually in bed for 9pm, 10pm at the latest.  I can start my day at 4am which sounds a bit crazy, Alex say’s its because Im off the farmers haha but thats 7 hours sleep which is a recommended amount.  Whether your a night owl or an early riser sleep is so important for your motivation.  If I’ve had rough night, it’s game over for the rest of the day.


unnamed (5)

Just as important as sizing the day taking time to recoup and relax.  I really enjoy walking especially in the countryside or a days driving through the highlands.  I love a pamper day too whether it’s a day at your local spa as a treat or a spa day at home with a good body scrub and a face mask.

Sending you lots of positive vibes! Chat soon.

Marlene x

Lounge wear  – I’m obsessed, I can’t keep my clothes on! Literally as soon as I’m through the door, its strip off and into something comfortable.  I cant sit around the house in jeans those who do I salute you.

Now I confess I used to change into my pyjamas but I found it made me lazy.  I would have dinner then lounge on the sofa in front of the TV all night. (I do love nice pyjamas, I will save that for another post.)  I invested in some nice comfortable lounge wear so that I’m comfortable but also feel nice. I can’t do hoodies, they remind me of being a teenager

I order these from here in mint, who knows how long they will stay clean with the dogs jumping up but I fancied some Spring colours.

Zara are killing it with stylish joggers, I’m on the wait list for this pair– seriously how nice is this outfit! Yes it’s quite Winter (y) but I love it and you could switch it up with some nice trainers and a T Shirt or this light grey knit  – which I’ve ordered and in mint too!5536100802_1_1_1

Instead of a hoodie, it’s it’s a bit chilly,  wear a shirt usually a fitted denim shirt left open over a vest.


Zara  £12.99


Chat soon

Marlene x