February is the new January to me this year.  2018 began a bit bleh, things weren’t going to plan & to be fair I did dwell a bit in self pity.  It’s allowed but only for a wee while.

Anyway I thought I would share a few of my monthly goals.  February is shaping up to be busy, I’m heading to London this Saturday on a buying trip for the Autumn Winter 2018 collection for Tallulah Belle Fashion.  I don’t think I will ever get used to the buying 2 seasons in front but that is the fast pace industry. The following weekend I’m off to see my favorite band “The Script” their playing the Hydro in Glasgow and I can’t wait for that. The weekend after that I want to go away with Alex and the dogs and that will be be the end of February!  Just like that!

1. Decorate the spare room

Oh my lord, this room has dragged out long enough, I stripped the wallpaper back in November.  We’re doing it on our own, never wall papered before but you’ve got to learn sometime and believe me if I’m good at it  I will be on a interior design mission.

2. You Tube

I’m joining Youtube (inserts petrified emoji) I will be vlogging my London trip, I’m teaching myself how to edit so I’m hoping it will be up for the end of February and the content to follow will be vlogs & fashion hauls, the reason for the spare room to be decorated as a wee filming space. I have the lights, ring light and my macbook the only thing that’s missing is the confidence but I’m hoping that will get better through time.

3. Find a photographer

I’m on the search for a local photographer to help me with content for my blog and you tube channel.  I also want to get better at editing myself so my nights will be spent practicing with photoshop.

This month is going to fly past I just know it.  February is a fresh start, what you up to this month?



A taboo subject for some; but recently I’ve been spending money like it’s going out of fashion.

My job entails 9 hours a day in front of a computer and mostly online, you know how it is, the adverts pop up luring me in……….come look at this Marlene, you’ll really like this and before you know it, I’m getting an email confirming the delivery date!

I’m carrying around everywhere I go this handy little jotter from the Zoella range.  On one side of the page is my list of things to do for the week and on the other, I’m writing my spending.  Talk about facing your fears…..

Its so easy now a days with the likes of Paypal and contactless, you don’t feel like your parting with your hard earned cash.  Now don’t get me wrong, my business started with Paypal, I purchase most of my online shopping with it & its an amazing secure service but it’s so easy to spend.

So far today I’ve bought a new pair of trainers, 2 chopping boards and I watched a you tube video at lunch time and the girl had a gorgeous pair of leggings with pearls down the side from Zara.  They were £25.99 but I went on to the Zara website and spent £71 it struck a cord, time to rein in it.

Please tell me I’m not alone…………….



Back in 2013 Tallulah Belle Fashion was born, I love to shop online, I love browsing all the different websites and the social media, I wanted a piece of that action so created my own.

I do believe that if you work hard on your dreams, they do come true!

Fast forward to the present & TBF is growing by the day which I am truly grateful for.  This blog is for me to share my fashion, style, & beauty finds & also share our love of a road trip!

Hope you enjoy!

Marlene x

We both lead busy life’s with what can be stressful jobs (like most jobs these days) and last year we made the decision to take time out together once every couple of weeks.

We usually road trip in the Highlands but sometimes to give Alex a break from the driving we head to a loch where Alex can fish, I can read, take photographs and we can just chill for the day.

buddy and alex

A relaxing 2 hour drive and we had arrived at Clatteringshaws Loch.  First on the agenda is breakfast, cooked in the campervan, usually a roll n sausage & a coffee.   With the freedom of the van we’ve had breakfast at some amazing places throughout Scotland. Alex set up his fishing rods and Buddy and I went a wander.  This time of year is just a blanket of bluebells and the smell is just divine.

buddy in the bb

With 300 square miles of the Galloway Forrest there’s plenty of exploring to be done.  Fishing in the many lochs, cycling, horse ridding and walking with miles upon miles of forrest track, the most popular being the 10 miles Raiders Road trail.  The Galloway Hills are not as dramatic, or as rugged as the mountains in the Highlands but it does have “The Merrick” which is the highest summit in Southern Scotland standing at 875m.  On a good day you can see as far as the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.

Because we were going to be home around tea time, I brought some snacks to keep us going throughout the day.  I graze during the day, I can’t help it, I quit smoking and took up grazing!  I came across Sourced Box through You tuber Naomi Smart, Naomi is one of the founders of Sourced Box .  Its a box of healthy snacks which can be delivered monthly or a one off which ever suits, there’s always a drink, chocolate treats which are raw chocolate much much better for you, crisps, dried fruits & seeds. Great for popping in your bag if your on the go all day and I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself from treats as I’m still having chocolate; its just the healthier kind.  Win win!!

My shoulders had finally returned to there original place and not up at my ears, we were chilled, relaxed, the smurry rain had finally stopped and the pesky midges were out on force, it was one – nil to the fish (sorry Alex!!) it was time to pack up and head home stopping for a fish supper for dinner on the way;  its all about the balance! Another great day ………………..

Marlene x

It’s the first day of May, I’m sitting at my desk writing this with a woolly cardi over my shoulders, glamorous eh!  Come on Sunshine……

The embroidery trend is here to stay for another season and I’m glad, we’ve seen it on shirts, jackets, bags and even shoes but my favourite is on denim.  Paired with a classic white tailored shirt, a plain blazer and heels.  You just can’t go wrong.

Here are some of my favourites from excellent quality and a great price of £28



And for when the sunshine finally arrives!



What do you think of the embroidery trend, what pieces do you have?  Let me know

Marlene x